Shower Gel

Ceridwen’s Shower Gels have been handcrafted from a family formula that has been passed down for thirty years using the healing waters that flow from the same geothermal activity as in the healing spas in Arkansas. They are hand blended at just the right time of the day and phase of the moon to bring the perfect energy to your bath or shower experience. Individual Bath Gels are formulated for specific intentions. Custom Shower Gels and Bubble Bath can be custom made from a selection of over 1,600 oils and may be special ordered. Shower Gels grew from a need in our fast-paced world to cleanse the unseen part of us day or night when we don’t have the time to luxuriate in a bath. Men LOVE our Shower Gels! The same gel can be used for a luxurious soak in a Bubble Bath or for the kids to splash around in a fun Bubble Bath with a set intention!