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Ceridwen’s Magickal & New Age Supplies

Ceridwen’s Magickal & New Age Supplies began in Los Angeles in 1985 as the ripening fruit of Sharon Helton’s lifetime association with the world of spirits. She utilized the generations of family Magickal knowledge passed down to her to create Magickal blends to help people from all walks of life achieve their goals (before that Sharon practiced her craft exclusively for British rock musicians). Also in 1985, Sharon’s good friend Meg opened her own store in Los Angeles, embracing all spiritual paths. Meg’s new store, a combination quaint gift store and magickal emporium, was a perfect fit for a partnership with Sharon. Sharon dedicated her budding business to Ceridwen, mate of the Celtic God Cernunnos, who together stir the cauldron of rebirth. With the blessings of Ceridwen, and her own lifelong desire to help people, Sharon built the business into an international supplier of herbs, incenses, fragrant oils and other products – one of the largest in the country.

Sharon’s original formulas have grown to over 1500, and have been used for many years by a very diverse customer base. In 1993, Sharon sold Ceridwen’s, with all her original recipes, to Bob Isaac, owner of Merlin’s Books & Gifts in Independence, MO. He kept Sharon’s traditions and recipes alive and thriving for over a decade, as Meg continued to be one of Ceridwen’s strongest advocates.

The time ultimately came for Bob to move on as well to explore new ventures. He did, however, feel just as strongly as Sharon did that Ceridwen’s needed to be shepherded by a kindred spirit. He reached out to Meg, whose store had flourished and expanded to the point where she could now take on an additional endeavor. During the two year transition of ownership and training Bob made his own transition in peace, having provided through his wisdom  that Ceridwen’s was shepherded by a kindred spirit who would keep this tradition growing.  The Goddess always provides.

Meg has worked  with  and loved Ceridwen’s products since its inception in Los Angeles over 30 years ago, and felt it was important for the tradition to continue in the hands of those who knew Ceridwen’s inside and out. Meg and her team of skilled practitioners, including Bob’s beloved Dianna , are excited to be a part of such a rich heritage and to continue in the tradition of the Goddess Ceridwen.