Handcrafted Chakra Kits

Ceridwen’s Handcrafted Chakra Kits contain everything except the burners for the incense and a candle holder. Ceridwen’s oil and incense are handcrafted with a powerful selection of herbs and traditional spices. Ceridwen’s Chakra Kits can be used during your meditation for development, to activate or balance a specific chakra, or to balance and enhance all the chakras. Tune into the bliss of the ancient yogis and enhance your yoga practice!

 Ceridwen’s Handcrafted Chakra Kit
1 Candle
1 hand-blended oil
1 packet of incense
2 pieces of charcoal

Instructions and Suggestions for Use
You will need to supply:
Candle holder to fit household candle
– Incense Holder (charcoal is EXTREMELY HOT!  Use a metal container)
Time and Privacy
Extra: Mediation rug, Yoga Mat or Sheepskin to sit on