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Handcrafted Candle Burning Kits

Ceridwen’s Candle Kits contain everything except the burners for the incense, a candle holder and small bowl for the mixing of ingredients.  Ceridwen’s oil, incense and herb blends are handcrafted with a powerful selection of herbs, spices and roots. Ceridwen’s Bath Salts come from where the geothermal activity is intense and powerful and are infused with our handblended oils.  The ingredients for our kits come from family recipes that go back twenty generations. Everything in our kit is handmade and hand packaged during the right phase of the moon and time of the day to insure the most power filled results. We include instructions which some might call a spell while other call it an intention. Our instruction /Your choice!

Ceridwen’s Candle Kit
1 Candle
1 Packet of Herbs
1 Packet of Powdered Incense
1 Vial of Oil
1 Packet of Bath Crystals
1 Piece of Parchment Paper
2 Charcoal Bricks

Instruction for Use
You will need to supply:
 – Candle holder to fit household candle
 – Mixing Container or Bowl
 – Incense holder (charcoal is EXTREMELY HOT!  Use a metal container)
– Pencil
– Time and privacy

Extra: You can choose from our Scribe Supplies to substitute our magickal intention inks and a handcrafted quill with writing nib in place of a pencil. However, a pencil can serve the purpose.