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Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing and purifying a person, group of people or space.  Ceridwen’s Sage is collected in the traditional way from sacred land in either Big Sur, Mt. Shasta, or Ojai, California or Sedona, Arizona. There are several ways to burn Ceridwen’s Sage: 1) Light the full end of the sage bundle and blow the flame out. Move the smoke by waving it gently around the person or object you want to cleanse or gently move the smoke through the room to purify it. 2) With your hand, break off between a few pieces to a handful of sage from the full end. Place it in an abalone shell and light the sage with a wooden match. Softly blow the flame out and gently move the smoke from the sage around the person, object or room you want to cleanse. For Ceridwen’s sage we prefer the #2 method but #1 will work. Be aware that if using the #1 method the burnt aroma will attach itself to the remaining sage bundle.